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This is a fellowship of men, a bridge between the church and the marketplace, called by Jesus Christ to reach those who need salvation and healing. It comes out of a series of visions and prophecies given over a period of more than sixty years. Every work of God is birthed and developed by the Holy Spirit of God. Late in the summer of 1995 , the Spirit of God began to draw men, who were leaders of men, to come together and seek God’s direction for their lives. An inner expectancy began to grow, causing the men from regions of the world to travel to Kansas City, Missouri. Upon arrival, they were filled with a passion for evangelisim in today’s marketplace — the world of business. They came to see, hear and be encouraged. In the final hours of that September weekend, a prophetic word was spoken which brought vision, faith and peace. The Holy Spirit brought focus to these points. It was a word of encouragement, confirming that the spirit of God initiated the gathering of men.


“"You are gathered for my purposes and intentions" It directed us towards building a ministry of soul winning. "Harvesting machines will bring in the harvest"”     "I will build me a new harvest machine”" Here God is speaking of something brand new, the machine representing the organisation for BMF. It spoke of a growing international organisation.

"Go forth from this land” You will become mighty threshing devices”" It envisioned the Holy Spirit’s Power, working through ordinary laymen, when Jesus’ name was called upon.

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